We believe that a child’s early years set the foundation for life-long learning in all developmental areas. Our Centre is committed to provide a well-rounded, play-based program that meets the ever growing and changing needs of a child’s development.  The Center provides opportunities to the children that attend to have social contact, creative expression and exploration.

 We provide a curriculum where children have the opportunity to make choices, practice and learn skills, and express themselves.  Our program covers a wide range of topics including science, language, music, drama, arts, crafts, building, physical play and excursions.

We feel that ongoing communication with the families is of critical importance. Staff and families work together to create a secure, loving and happy environment for the child.  We promote the multicultural nature of our families, and nurture and preserve different heritage and cultures.

Our committed and knowledgeable Registered Early Childhood Educators with diverse backgrounds, enhance the learning experiences of the children in their care and their families in which we serve.